'Hyper Japan Festival Vlog - July 2017'

'Hyper Japan Festival Vlog - July 2017'
12:37 6d ago
'Vlog from Hyper Japan Festival 2017 at Tobacco Dock in London on 24-26 July 2017.  Hyper Japan is the UK\'s largest Japanese culture event, about modern and traditional culture, including Japanese food, music, arts and crafts, J-fashion, travel, kawaii stalls, cosplay, anime and performers from Japan. This time, guests included Danny Choo, Haruka Kurebayashi, Reol, DJ Domo, Broken Doll and lots more.  See what it\'s like having a stall at Hyper Japan. Everything you see on my booth is my own design, available from https://www.cakeswithfaces.co.uk (worldwide shipping).  SUBSCRIBE for more Tokyo vlogs and tips to help plan your trip, as well as an extra special interview with Haruka Kurebayashi coming up soon!  FOLLOW Cakes with Faces: https://www.facebook.com/cakeswithfaces http://www.twitter.com/cakeswithfaces http://instagram.com/cakeswithfaces www.google.com/+CakeswithfacesCoUk  The music is free, created with Jukedeck.' 

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